Do I Have To Lose Weight to Start CrossFit?

We hear it every day.  You might have even said it before after watching the CrossFit Games or after talking with a CrossFit gym…

“I’m so excited to get started but I feel like I need to be in shape to get going.”

“Would you look at all these people?! I need to lose weight before I can get started.”

While I understand the sentiment, this is much like saying, “I’m dirty so I should get clean before I take a shower.”  Using the CrossFit Games [or any competitive CrossFitter] as a reference point for the ‘average’ person, then yes, you would probably need to get in shape, or lose weight, before starting.  But this is not what you will see walking into any CrossFit gym.

CrossFit is not about competition.  It’s not even about lifting the most weight or going the fastest.

So, What’s CrossFit Really About?

While we do have people who like to compete with each other at Iron Hero, that is not a majority of our population.  Here is what CrossFit means to us:

  • Challenging ourselves mentally and physically
  • Adding some fun into our day to day lives
  • Being a part of a community of people who are all aiming in the same general direction
  • It’s about improving our health so we add years to our life but also life to our years — this includes losing weight and getting in shape
  • Being able to play with our kids and not be limited by our fitness
  • Putting our efforts into something which elicits real change for our own betterment
  • And by improving ourselves, we can better those around us whether we mean to or not

What Do We Really Need to Start?

What you actually need to get started in a new adventure, like CrossFit, is the desire to start and the discipline to stay the course.  Real change comes from habits.

This is why, after walking into the average CrossFit gym, you will see women and men of all ages, all shapes, and all fitness levels.  It’s not about being in shape when you start.

It’s about starting.

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