Personal Training vs Group Classes: Which is Right For You?

Which is better for you?  Personal Training or Group Classes?

Both have a laundry list of benefits.  Personal Training clients will tell you Personal Training is better.  Group Class clients will tell you Group Classes are better.  So, how do we figure this thing out?

Something I think we can all agree on is that either one of these is better than not doing anything at all!

One Note:  everything I am writing about is all specific to Iron Hero CrossFit.  Not every gym is going to operate with the same ideas on accountability, customization, follow up, etc.

First, Let’s Get This Out of The Way

At Iron Hero, we have elements that are present in every single one of our programs.  It is important to us that we load the deck in your favor no matter what you decide to do.


While the timeline of when this happens does vary from program to program, ultimately every single client has the option to re-measure.  Sometimes we just throw it in there, sometimes it is an optional thing.  No matter what, we want to re-measure so you can see the progress you are making.

Have you added muscle?  Have you dropped weight and body fat?  Have you gotten stronger?  Can you run farther and run faster?  Are you moving better?

Athlete Check Ins

When we perform an Athlete Check In, what we’re actually doing is asking three basic questions:

  1. What went well the last 3 months that we can celebrate?
  2. What did you struggle with over the last 3 months that we can improve upon?
  3. What are your goals for the next 3 months?

Our goal with this conversation?  Our goal is to keep you focused in bite-sized increments so you don’t lose focus on the main thing:  you.

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

Nutrition Coaching

While not every one of our clients takes advantage of our nutrition coaching, it is out there for them.  Of note is that our Personal Training program has it as a part of the program. Every. Single. Month.

Some of our clients want to go at their nutrition alone and do well with it!  Some of them try it and find out they do need the accountability of seeing someone each month.

Most people like to say, “I know what to do, I’m just not doing it.”  Well, seeing our nutrition coach each month takes care of that and it’s called accountability!

Personal Training vs Group Classes – A Break Down

Personal TrainingGroup Classes
FocusFocus is on youFocus is spread out up to 12 to 14 people
NutritionNutrition coaching check ins are every monthNutrition coaching is optional
WorkoutsWritten with only you in mindWritten for general populations but scaled to you
Workout LevelWritten to your level and built from thereWritten at a high level and scaled up or down to you
Additional Help/HomeworkHomework is written for you, specificallyHomework is not a part of this but can be added
Cost / ValueMore than classes (per session) but extremely high valueLess than Personal Training (per session)
Relationship & TrustBuild a trusting relationship with your trainerBuild a trusting relationship with your classmates and coach
OnusMore onus is on the trainerMore onus is on you
Special PopulationsSomeone experienced in special populations can still help youMay need to consider a specialty program of some sort
SchedulingThe schedule only needs to match yours and your trainerThe class calendar needs to match your schedule
Checking ProgressThis happens when you and your trainer retest somethingSame as PT but also comparative to classmates
MusicLess loudMuch louder
We are more alike than different, you and I… said someone, somewhere.

The Point Is…

Both our Personal Training and Group Classes programs are fantastic:  they both garner results, they both provide support and accountability, they are both fun and educational, and they both are designed to fit you.

So, which one is right for you?  The only individuals who have that answer is when we get the opportunity to chat with you and build out the best program to fit your needs.

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