Programming for the Week

🚨Programming for Nov 4th to 9th🚨


⚡️Remember this Saturday, from 9am to 11am, is going to be 20.5 AND our “Your Generations” themed workout!

Come in your best representation of your generation, whatever generation that is, and let’s have some fun!
15 min AMRAP
6 Ring Pushups
9 Deadlifts 155/105
12 Airsquats
150m shuttle run
⚡️Core Finisher
3 Rounds
For Quality
10 Deadbugs (ea/s)
10 Turkish Situps
10 Single-leg
Deadlifts (ea/s)
⚡️Barbell Row
12 minutes
4 x 10 Barbell Row
2:00 Rest
⚡️“Bamboo Shoot”
For time
Box Jumps 24/20
Directly Into
Doubleunder x 2
12 minutes
Build to a Heavy
4 rounds
16 Db Snatch 50/35
12 Db Thruster (ND)
6 Burpees over Db
16 Db Snatch (D)
12 Db Thruster (D)
6 Burpees over Db
10 minutes
Accumulate 4-7 Sets
5 Front Scales (ea/s)
5 Back Scales (ea/s)
30 sec Freestanding
Handstand practice
For Total Reps
40 sec On/20 sec Off Stations
a) Wallballs 20/14
b) Airbike or
Box Stepups 24/20
c) American KbS
d) Row or Run
Rest 1:00
x 5
⚡️OPEN 13.4
7 min AMRAP
Clean and Jerks
• TtB
⚡️Core Finisher
8 minutes
For Quality
30 sec Bicycle
30 sec Side Plank R
30 sec Bicycle
30 sec Side Plank L
“CrossFit Games Open WOD 20.5”
⚡️Let’s have a great week of training and some fun along the way!⚡️

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