The Importance of A Solid Foundation in CrossFit (3min Read)

“I need to get into shape before I start CrossFit.”  “CrossFit is all about getting the fastest time or the most weight.”  Why are these fallacies and why do we focus on building a solid foundation with everybody who comes on board with us?

For exactly those 2 reasons above.  We don’t want to give you the idea that we are just trying to push the speed and weight of everything and we certainly aren’t only for the most fit individuals out there.  Our goal is to build your foundation and make you just as fit and as healthy as you want to be!

Why Our OnRamp Program is Important to Build Your Foundation

When it comes to building a solid foundation so you can seamlessly transition into group classes, our OnRamp program is vital:

  • Safety
    • First, and foremost, you are no good to anybody else [or yourself] if you’re injured.  We want you to get fitter and healthier but also be safe and durable
  • Efficacy
    • Moving better, and having a better understanding of what’s going on, will yield better results for you
  • Human Movements
    • There are certain human movements that you need to have a solid grasp of if you want to be strong and durable in your daily life
    • The hinge, the squat, the lunge, the upper body push, the upper body pull, and the rotation or anti-rotation – you’ll find these movements everywhere in your life!
  • Consistency & Intensity
    • To draw a line from one of these to the other
    • One without the other will give you a little something but gaining both of these things combined give you so much more
  • Self-Driven
    • While it would be amazing to train with you forever, we want to teach you how to train yourself in the event we decide it is time to part ways with each other
      • Warm up -> strength training -> conditioning -> cool down for example
  • Communication
    • Communication is key in all relationships and this is no exception – if something is going well, we want to know about it; if not, we want to know about that too
      • If we don’t know, we can’t help
    • Fostering open lines of communication with one or two trainers plus our community is a vital piece of the success pie
  • Goals
    • We want to help you set goals, measure those goals, train, and then remeasure your progress
    • If you don’t do those things, how do you know what you’re doing is doing anything at all?

All In All

You needn’t fear starting CrossFit when it comes to joining a quality gym.  In our case, we want to help you by guiding you from the very beginning of your health and fitness journey all the way through to setting [and achieving] your goals and then ask, “so what do you want to accomplish next?”Want to start things off by having a conversation with one of our amazing coaches or trainers?  Click THIS LINK and let’s do this thing!

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