Use Your Fitness

Use Your Fitness

You. Yes, you.

Let’s pretend you’re a car for a second. I know you’re not but bare with me…

Let’s take your goals, then, and they can be the destination of this road trip you’re about to take.

At some point you realize you don’t want to be where you are and so your driver pops up off the couch, gets in, and starts driving.

Where to?

What we do know is doing something is better than doing nothing and so we just begin the long drive to where we hope the destination is (your goals).

What makes this road trip hard?

Driving while on Facebook on your phone.  I know you’re probably reading this from your phone already but don’t put it down yet.

…unless you’re driving.  Then definitely put it down.

Something else that’ll create challenges in getting where you want to go is your kids screaming in the back. Let’s face it, you’re not far from home, yet, and your kids aren’t getting anymore quiet.

We can think of these things in terms of what they actually are:

  • Your phone? Well, this is the next shiny object that looks cool.  This could be some new fitness fad.  Could be a pop up about “do this to lose 30lbs in 45 minutes!” 
  • Your screaming kids? This one’s easy.  This would be the voice in your head telling you to give up after a little bit regardless of your circumstances.

There’s always detours and road blocks, other cars, people cutting you off and flipping the bird.

*Quick note:  this is no indication of my driving ability.


You might be driving in a direction that’s not actually the right direction.

You can be on your cell phone not paying attention to the important landmarks to tell you if you’re headed in the right direction or not.

Don’t just speed the wrong way!

Your kids in the car, the detours, the road blocks, the other cars are always going to be there and you need a technique to get all this stuff in focus and move you along in the direction you ACTUALLY want to go.

Enter:  Your GPS

No before you get all worked up about the fact your GPS is probably on your phone, you don’t have to really look at it to get where you’re going.


Your GPS is there to make sure you are, in fact, heading in the right direction; it shows you the forward movement you’re making IS in the right direction; it gives you a countdown in miles and in hours (possibly minutes) for what it’s actually going to take to get you there.

This is extremely valuable because if you were just driving with no sense of direction and time to expect, it’d be a whole lot more difficult to keep going that way.

Your GPS?

Habits and activities!

We love to train you guys and love to have you get stronger, more fit, and healthier but there are few things more valuable than getting out into the world with your friends and doing things:

  • Volleyball/Hooverball
  • OCR (obstacle course races)
  • Martial arts
  • Hiking
  • 5k/10k races
  • Whatever else your mind can dream up.

The point is to get up, use your fitness, and take your fitness friends along for the ride.  The most important part is to NEVER MISS TWICE.

Don’t start something, miss once, and decide:  “welp, we’re done now, I guess.”

Just Go Do It!

Get your training buddies together, set a date to do something, and then go do it and have some fun!

Maybe invite us because we like to have fun too!

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