Why You Need A Nutrition Coach: Unraveling Myths & Realities

You’ve tried every diet under the sun.  From the latest trendy juice cleanse to that ancient grain-focused program your co-worker swears by.  But here’s a thought – what if the answer isn’t in the latest fad but in sustainable habits backed by a trusted nutrition coach?

5 Rock-Solid Reasons to Invest in a Nutrition Coach

  1. Proper Nutrition Is Your Golden Ticket
    • If you’re serious about reaching your health and fitness goals, your nutrition plays a vital role.  Without the right fuel, your body simply doesn’t function at its optimal level including at its optimal weight and body fat.
  2. Forget Fad Diets, Embrace Good Habits
    • Fads come and go.  Good habits stick.  A quality nutrition coach focuses on creating a nutrition plan that’s sustainable in the long run.
  3. Accountability Is Your Secret Weapon
    • The difference between short term wins and long term success?  Accountability!  With a good nutrition coach you also gain an accountability partner.  Someone to keep you on track, remind you of your goals, and give you a gentle nudge when you need it.
  4. Tailored Just For You
    • A good nutrition coach designs a plan, with your help, to suit your needs and your personal goals.  You shouldn’t have to prep different meals because your diet is different from your family’s.
  5. No Starvation.  No Fads.  Just Real Food
    • With a proper nutrition plan, you won’t feel the need to starve yourself or jump onto the next diet bandwagon.  Instead, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make good decisions and avoid all the garbage out there.

My Journey With A Nutrition Coach

I started training in jiujitsu a couple years ago.

As I’ve competed in most things I’ve done, I decided that competing in my first jiujitsu tournament was a good idea [for someone with no prior grappling experience].  The other challenge was that no other sport I’d competed in had weight classes:  not TaeKwonDo, not soccer, not CrossFit, nothing!

The short of it was that I needed to drop about 15lbs in the span of a couple of months.

Being a professional trainer for the last 14 years means I sometimes have a tendency to live by the, “I know what to do, I’m just not doing it” mentality.  Well, Andrea (our nutrition coach) was the difference-maker for me.

While her knowledge of nutrition, lifestyle, and habits dwarfs mine, it’s the accountability that I was really looking for.  Again, I know what to do, I just wasn’t doing it:  weekly weigh-ins, weekly body composition measurements, check-ins, and seeing her everyday all led to making weight.

Now, how I did in the tournament is a different story for a different time but I made weight!

What Sets Iron Hero Apart

In a sea of fitness and nutrition advice, endless links on Google, and bad advice from co-workers, Iron Hero stands out.  Why?

We believe in a habits-based holistic approach to nutrition and weight loss.  We pride ourselves on crafting plans for the individual that includes the challenges you face each and every day.

Nutrition isn’t just about the food you put on your plate.  It’s about understanding your body, setting clear goals, and cultivating the habits necessary to propel you forward.  And with the right coach by your side, this journey becomes a whole hell of a lot simpler.

Don’t wait for another Monday or the next ‘perfect moment.’  That perfect moment isn’t going to happen.  Like… ever.

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