070615 – Snatch… yeah…

Good position, there, Tony!


Where does the snatch go awry?  And for that matter, what about the clean?  The jerk?

Everyone is always in a huge hurry to grip it and rip the bar off the ground in hopes that that’ll increase the weight you’re lifting…

…max weight, max results, right?

Well, what if I told you that slowing the pull down will increase the weight you can lift?  What if I told you that also made it safer?  And what if I told you that position will make or break your lifts and that if you move too quickly too soon, you lose position (and you’ll lose your lift)?

Moral of the story?  Slow it down a bit.  If you can’t keep position when you speed it up, then, guess what?  Slow that puppy back down.  Don’t worry that guys and gals that are absolutely tearing the bar off the ground once started slowly.

Good things come to those who work diligently at something, right?  Thought I was going to say “good things come to those who wait,” didn’t ya?  Yeah, no.  Work at it.


Snatch + OH Squats


*3min Clock

**this isn’t a math problem, by the way.  It means you will do 2 snatches, then immediately into 3 overhead squats.  That’s one set, you’ll do 5 total sets.




For time:

10-8-6-4-2 of

OH Squats (135/95)

Deadlifts (135/95)


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