070515 – @ Home (*cough* “I think got the black lung, pop…”)

Don’t forget about post workout mobility and stability work, like these guys.  You want to move better, you gotta work on it, right Jon?



***Grand Opening Celebration for Iron Hero CrossFit brought to you by Evolve Paleo Chef and Nebraska Family Chiropractic!

Saturday, July 18th from 1pm to 3pm.

Challenges, Prizes, Discounts for enrolling day of, and Free Food!

Be there or be…

…not there, I guess.***


Tabata Burpees (:20 on/:10 off for 8 total rounds)

4 minute rest

Tabata Pushups

*score is lowest rep round of each exercise

**so if you got 10 burpees every round and the last one you got 5, guess what?  Your score is 5.  So, don’t do that…


Keeping track of all your workouts?  I hope so.  We WILL redo them coming up in the future…

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