072015 – Get your body to change

IHCF Family picking stuff up and putting stuff back down again and getting fit in the process!  These guys are awesome and if you wanna be awesome too, Click Here and we’ll get you on the Fast Track to Fitness and Health!


The body changes based on what the hormones are telling it to do.  How do you tell the hormones that you want to lose fat, put on muscle, and improve your health?


…you need to lift heavy things [correctly], make those exercises involve the entire body all the time, do some form of high intensity training or interval training, eat properly, and sleep.

What else?

Well, how in depth do you wanna get?  Bottom line is this:


Think about how you want to look, and that dictates how you should train.



10min AMRAP:

200m KB/DB Carry (50’s/30’s)

20 Ring Dips

20 Air Squats




EMOM for 10min

1 Max Weight Pullup


What are you gonna do?

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