4 Ways to Fail In A New Routine

4 Ways to Fail In A New Routine

If you feel you have already failed in adopting your new routine, you are not alone.  National Quitter’s Day is the second Friday in January, after all.

Here are 4 surefire ways to ensure you do not stick with your new health and fitness routine [or any new routine, for that matter].

Plus some solutions at the bottom.

1 – Make It Random

Habits are built upon having a routine.

If you want to increase your chances of falling off that wagon, exercise at random and when it ‘works best’ for you.  Make sure you do not block things out in your calendar and do not schedule these days and times for yourself.

After all, if it was meant to be, your motivation would carry you there.  Plus, everyone else just seems to ‘have the time’ to work on themselves.

2 – Fly Solo

Looking for a surefire way of taking the easier route?  Go at it alone.

Nobody ever talks about it so it must be that everybody is doing this on their own.  They don’t need help with accountability, so you don’t need help with accountability.

And you certainly do not want someone on a similar journey to yours helping you out.

3 – Free Is Better

This one always gets me:  there is so much free information out on the internet, it doesn’t make sense to pay for anything.

Well, having no skin in the game is an important component to ensuring you stay as you are.  Nobody really wants to pay someone else, or something else, to keep them on task and if you did, you might find yourself more likely to stay on course.


4 – Trainers Are Scammers

Making mistakes is part of the process and it only makes sense that you should make all the same mistakes someone else has made.  This is a good way to learn.  It’s also a good way to fail.

Programs and personal trainers are only trying to sell you on a product, after all.  They really have no interest in whether or not you continue seeing results so you want to steer clear of them.

Flip The Script

Sarcasm aside, these are really great catalysts for stacking the cards in your favor when it comes to habitualizing a new routine.

First, use your schedule to your advantage.  While things do pop up, which are sometimes uncontrollable, scheduling time and blocking it out in your calendar increases the likelihood you’ll make it happen.  It’s not guaranteed, but better is better.

Second, find yourself a partner.  More importantly, find yourself a partner who has been there and done that.  They’ve made some of the same mistakes, they’ve experienced the same pitfalls, and they care if you’re successful.  Plus, they can pick you up when you are down and vice-versa.

Third, while you probably do not want to admit it, parting with your hard earned cash is a motivation in and of itself.  Sometimes, raising the stakes [so to speak] can be a huge difference maker in staying on course.  Think about it, would $10 membership motivate you more than $150?  Survey says, “is this a serious question?!”

Lastly, just as in any industry, there are slimy people.  Generally, however, Omaha houses some really great trainers and solid programs to make habits simpler and just a little bit easier.  The trick is to seek the right interactions (more on this later) and find value in what they offer.  Consider this:  if you were going to get the results you want, that’s worth a lot, right?

“I’ve Failed Enough”

If you’ve said to yourself, “I’ve tried everything and nothing works.”  Well, maybe you haven’t tried everything.  Maybe you haven’t combined these strategies.  Perhaps going at it alone is not the best strategy.  Neither is hope, for that matter.

Don’t feel bad though, everyone needs help.  I even have coaches and mentors to guide me and keep me on task.  Weird, right?  I’m not perfect? If you are ready to make a change and build some sticky habits, click HERE to schedule a free consult.  We love meeting new people and helping them get the results they want!

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