5 Weight Loss Lies You Might Already Tell Yourself

5 Weight Loss Lies You Might Already Tell Yourself



What lies do you tell yourself as to why you can’t get to your weight loss goals?

It’s no mystery how your mind is extremely potent in its ability to tell why you should or should not do something.  But are the things you’re telling yourself really a thing or just a lie?

Maybe there is a way around it…


Lie #1 – “I don’t have access to a gym so I can’t lose weight and get fit.”

Let’s not beat around the bush, here.  For lots of people having a location, which is not home or work, to workout is very helpful.

This “other” location might be the catalyst for you, but is it the only thing driving you to start?


Question It #1 – Is your why strong enough?

Having a goal of losing 10lbs, 20lbs, or 50lbs is great!  Having something to shoot for is great!

Have you ever asked yourself why you want to lose that weight, fit in those clothes, get ready for that event, or do the first strict pullup of your whole life?

Is it because you want to get off of medications?

Is it because you are out of breath when you shouldn’t be?

Is it because your joints chronically ache?

Is it because you are struggling to keep up with your kids?


Solution #1 – Action Step!

Your mission is to dig a bit into your goals and ask yourself why you want them.  Perhaps you’ve heard of the “5 why’s?”

Throw your goal out there.

Ask yourself, “why is this goal important to me?”

Once you have that answer, ask yourself again, “why is THAT important to me?”

You may not need to ask all 5 times but the point is to find something you’re emotionally attached to and visit that every single day.  This key to staying self-disciplined regardless of WHERE you train!

There’s magic in repetition.

Find the thing which lights the fire in you!



Lie #2 – “I need to research the best way to lose weight before I start.”

There’s nothing wrong with researching and learning the best way to do something.

You know what’s better than that?  Starting.

You have undoubtedly heard about the paradox of choice or paralysis by analysis.  If you dig into the giant rabbit hole that is the internet for “what’s the best blah blah blah,” you’ll find everything you’ve never wanted to know and then some…


Question It #2 – Do you think too much?

“A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.”

You have probably heard some iteration of this and while it has military origins (Patton), there is application to you and your health and fitness goals.

Your plan does not need to be “the best” way.  What it does need to be is good enough.  It needs to be something you can take action on immediately.  It needs to be something you can learn from when things go wrong.


Solution #2 – Action Step!

Stop researching.

Stop browsing.

Prepare for the ride, take your baggage with you, and go.

So, this action step?  It’s precisely that:  TAKE ACTION.

You can ask for directions later.



Lie #3 – “I’m stuck at home and I can’t get up and go at home.”

Make no mistake:  COVID really stuck it to us all.

Not only did it lock most of us to our homes but it took away any in person social interaction.  I’d argue the lack of social component is a large piece of the problem.


Is the social component entirely lost when you are not physically around people?


Question It #3 – Is it possible to have a virtual support system?

Having workout buddies, a training partner, or an accountability partner is extremely valuable.

You pick them up when they’re struggling;  they pick you up when you’re struggling;  you cheer each other on when you’re both winning!

The question you need to ask yourself is, “does this need to be in person?”

Could this be virtual?  Could we do this over the phone or over Zoom?  Some other type of video chat?  Could you both bring something to the picture so you have some team accountability?

As an aside, it most certainly COULD be in person.


Solution #3 – Action Step!

Find your workout buddy or buddies.

Ask around and find some accountability and then be creative on HOW.

Make a weekly virtual appointment and share who does the workout programming.  Does it need to be perfect?  Hell no.

Lastly, even if you only workout “together” once per week, set a schedule for checking in on each other a couple times per week.

Something as simple as, “how did your workout go,” or “what was your score?”



Lie #4 – “Once I have lost weight, I need to continue to either eat less or workout more to see more weight loss.”

This one is not only common, it is dangerous:

  1. In terms of consistency, how consistently can you make good nutritional choices when you’re hungry all the time?
    • One bad day is all it takes…
  1. If you’re working to put muscle on, this is not going to work.
    • Your body see’s fat as a necessary source of energy so guess what it’s going to hold onto?  Muscle on the other hand, that can go away.
  1. The crash!  When you crash, and it is inevitable in a case like this, you’ll crash hard.
    • Is it any wonder why people go up and down and up and down in weight?


Question It #4 – Is eating less or working out more the only way to continue to achieve results?

Have you experimented with strength training?

Have you gone from a restrictive diet to making healthy choice in good quantities?

Have you ever thought that eating more is going to be the key to changing your body composition?

What if I said you DO NOT need to feel obliterated at the end of your workout to be productive in achieving your goals?


Solution #4 – Action Step!

This one could go two ways:

First, if you’re the do-it-yourselfer, you could begin to add strength training and eating which supports your goals [whatever they may be].

Lift heavy; eat little or no sugar; drink lots of water; get good sleep; and have some fun!

Second, if you’re the person who seeks the help of the professional, reach out to a trainer or coach who you feel good about.  Everybody has a slightly different philosophy but we agree on 97% of it.

If you see trainers and coaches arguing, it’s probably over the 3%.

So which is it going to be?  If it’s the latter, head HERE to schedule a sit down with us and we’re happy to guide you to your summit!



Lie #5 – “I know what to do, I’m just not doing it.”

Why not?

Is it not the ideal time?  Is there such thing as an ideal time? 

Do you have all the information?  Do you need to have all the information?

I know you want to get to your goals otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at something like this.  What’s stopping you?


Question It #5 – What is actually stopping you?

There are millions of resources out there so it could be not knowing where to start.

What we’ve found to be true, most of the time [and you tell me if this is you], there’s a fear of actually changing your lifestyle:

Are you willing to stop hanging out with certain people who don’t care whether you better yourself or not?

Are you willing to change out the way you grocery shop or what you have in your fridge?

Are you willing to go to bed a little bit sooner and wake up a little bit earlier to fit it in your schedule?

Ultimately, are you willing to give up who you are today to gain who you could be tomorrow?

After all, “you can’t change the people around you but you can change the people around you.”


Solution #5 – Action Step!

Pick one goal you have related to your health and fitness, chop it down to the tiniest little step, and do it.

Make it such a small step that there’s more reason TO do it than to NOT do it.

Is your goal to get to 10,000 steps?  Try adding an extra 200 steps today.

Is your goal to lose 20lbs?  Go to sleep 30min earlier.

Is your goal to get off your blood pressure medication?  Look at the menu BEFORE you go to the restaurant so you can decide before you need to decide.

Really, this makes a difference in making a better choice!

I don’t care what that first baby step is.  Pick one and do it today.

And as for the stuff which sabotages you, practice saying, “no.”


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