Clean Complex – 151023

That’s a lot of weight on that bar, Brittany!  The gain train is coming to town…


How about that water?

PreWorkout?  Absolutely!

Post Workout?  Of course!

During a Workout?  Use it sparingly.


I know I’ve encountered [in my own workouts] times when I drink too much water, it sloshes around in my stomach while I’m training, and then I have to stop (not for lack of ability but for lack of keeping things in my stomach).

Un-eating, if you will…


Now, of course water is something that is necessary on many levels (including making sure you can train at full capacity).


I would avoid, however, drinking lots of water just before, AND DURING, a workout.  There’s no need to have all that fluid sloshing around in your stomach waiting to make a return tour.

With that in mind, drink enough to wet your mouth, and that’s it.  No long drinks.  Just wet the mouth and move on.

Your stomach will thank you for it!


See you for your clean complex!



E2MOM for 8 rounds

1 Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Jerk


*Heavy and progressive


Buy Out

Accumulate 2 total minutes hanging from the pullup bar


30 Strict Pullups


Strong stable shoulders are what we’re seeking!

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