CrossFit Programming – Week of May 4th, 2020

CrossFit Programming – Week of May 4th, 2020



NOTE:  As we work back into our weekly programming for Group CrossFit, we may be adjusting things as we go.  This is dependent upon our rented equipment and what we get back…

…this morning is a great example.




12 minutes
Build to Heavier than Workout
3 Deadlifts
2 Hang Power Cleans
1 Jerk

5 Rounds For Time
12 Deadlifts 155/105
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks



“Run and Gun”

For Time
5-4-3-2-1  Rope Climbs
200m Run
25-20-15-10-5 Pistols



“Canyon Road”

For Total Reps
1:00 Row or Bike
rest 30 sec
1:00 Ring Dips
rest 30 sec
1:00 Doubleunders
rest 30 sec
1:00 Toes To bar
rest 30 sec
x 4




Build to heavy complex in 12 minutes
1 Hang Snatch + 3 OH Squats

“Boiling Over”

5 min AMRAP
40/30 Cal Bike
30 Russian KbS
20 Burpees over Kb




12 Rounds for Time
6 CTB Pullups
9 Box Jumps  24/20
12 Wallballs    20/14



Front Squat

15 minutes
Build to heavy 3

“Sonny & Cher”

16 minute AMRAP In Partners
40 Power Cleans 115/85
20 Synch. Burpees
40 Thrusters 115/85
20 Synch. Burpees





We’re excited to have you guys working back into our regular Group CrossFit classes!  Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see how our schedule is going to change and how we plan to “grow” our schedule!

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