Fitness Center Don’ts

Fitness Center Don’ts

We’ve all been [at least] a little bothered by someone in the gym.  In an effort to not be that person, let’s make a list of some gym etiquette (big box gym or boutique gym alike):

  • We can’t make this list without asking people to put their stuff away
    • Let’s be real:  it keeps the place clean, it keeps the place safe, and you don’t gather glares from other people for leaving your stuff out
  • Wiping down your equipment
    • We’re all here to move, to sweat, and to improve our health and fitness.  You shouldn’t  share your hard work with your training buddies
  • Using two pieces of machinery, not putting a towel over to indicate you’re using it, and being upset when someone else jumps in
    • This one is pretty exclusive to big box gyms.  Don’t be surprised if someone jumps in and uses the equipment you were using when you’re across the gym floor on something else
    • Be kind and courteous to your fellow man/woman
  • Stay out of a lifter’s line of sight
    • It is very distracting when someone walks in front of you [or stands in front of you] while you are lifting.  This can actually be dangerous when performing a high skilled and/or heavy movement
  • Not talking to someone as they’re preparing to lift or as they are lifting
    • This one is in the same vein as the previous.  It’s distracting and potentially dangerous
  • Load and unload the bar safely
    • Nothing more than 45lbs difference from side to side.  Can you get away with more?  Yes.  Should you?  You might tip it over and shoot the barbell at someone so I guess if you’re ok with that, I suppose
  • It’s probably good not to stare at people
    • The gym (big box gym or otherwise) is a place where people are working to improve themselves.  Staring at someone can make people uncomfortable and not want to come back
  • Last but definitely not least, please be conscious of if, and how, you smell
    • Shower, wash clothes, etc.

There are probably a lot more items to keep in mind when speaking gym etiquette but, for me, these are the big ones to be conscious of.  Mainly, just be aware of your surroundings and courteous to your fellow worker outer people.

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