Opportunity in Disguise

Opportunity in Disguise



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It’s likely no surprise, to the people who know me, how I am a bit of a Jocko Willink fan.  While I was never in the military, there seem to be important lessons which apply to our current climate and always.

Especially now.

Take flexibility for example.  Not muscular flexibility.  Rather, let’s talk maintaining the same intensity and aggression with Plan B as you had with Plan A.

You had your eating and training consistent until gyms shut down but now it sucks?  Good.
You have the opportunity to learn how to do that in a less than ideal scenario.

Your kitchen is so damn close [when you’re working at home] you struggle saying “no” to yourself when it comes to crap food?  Good.
You can brainstorm strategies on how to get the most healthy food into your kitchen to best achieve your goals.

It’s harder to stop working because your commute is 10 seconds long?  Good.
You get the chance to learn how to set boundaries for yourself and a schedule to stay disciplined with it.

You don’t have the chance to workout with your same workout buddies?  Good.
You can learn how to be self-sufficient and understand what works best for YOU.

You’ve gotten injured while training?  Good.
Your injury probably stems from something you’re not doing, or something you’re doing too much of.  You can take the initiative on something you were ignoring while you were not injured.

You don’t have equipment to workout with at home?  Good.
You get to work on the foundation of human movement and strength training by mastering your own bodyweight.

You earned some results and now you feel yourself getting complacent?  Good.
You get the chance to learn how to refocus on your next step so you don’t get complacent.

You’re just not motivated when things are getting in your way?  Good.
You have the opportunity to practice discipline no matter what your situation is.  You will be so much stronger for it.

The point is this:  you can find the good in the situation you’ve been presented.
It’ll make you better.

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