R&R – 150913 @ Home

Though it’s not on this pyramid, recovery & regeneration should be somewhere…


…and you shouldn’t neglect it.

People don’t necessarily overtrain because they workout too much (you can, you just have to work really hard at it).

People overtrain more often simply because they DO NOT SLEEP enough.

Less than 7 hours?  You might be heading for some hurt.

Less than 6 hours?  What the heck are you doing?

Less than 5 hours?  You know napping doesn’t really help, THAT much, right?


Work on that 7-8 hours of sleep range.

Maybe… just maybe… you can get to the point that you don’t need coffee all the time (yes, I know some people actually like the taste of coffee).  All the time, not so good (depends on if you metabolize caffeine quickly or slowly but that’s a different topic for a different day).


Get some sleep!



Spend some time relaxing and get some sleep tonight [and every night]


See you guys next week for some heavy work!

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