Snatch Friday, people – 150814

I realize these aren’t snatches.  We are doing swings today, though, so a hip hinge seemed appropriate… and Lisa, Tony, and David are lifting heavy.  That’s fun too!


And if you’ve ever wanted to know what a kettlebell booty is, well, do lots of swings over a period of time and you’ll find out.

Some might call it a kettlebooty, if you will.

Why is this important?  Well, hormonally it suggests that your sex hormones and stress hormones are in a better and healthier balance.

Posturally, it suggests that you can correctly use your rear end when you’re working out.

And finally, strength-illy (is that a word?), it suggests that you are getting stronger.  I’m not saying you weren’t strong to begin with, by the way…

There are certainly lots of upsides to having a kettlebooty.

Also, the butt test.  If you want to know what that is, just ask.



EMOM for 10min

1 Heavy Snatch (yes, with a squat)

*Pick a weight and stick to it for the entire 10 minutes



5 RFT:

20 American Swings (24/16)

200m Run


*13 minute cutoff

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