Spicy C+J – 150903

Some hollow rocks in one of our bootcamps.  Why?  We need to get the body, not just mobile, but stable and working as a unit.


How about this?

Do you use your abs when you’re sitting?  Or should you?

If you’re like me, the answer is probably “no” and “yes.”

As a refresher, the brace position for the body to be in is [while standing]:

  1. Squeeze your butt as hard as you can
  2. Inhale from the belly
  3. Exhale through the belly and pull the ribcage down (now the ribcage and the pelvis are stacked on top of each other)
  4. Chest up and shoulders back while all this is going on?  Well, now, you’re in a braced position.

So, if you need 100% of that brace position in a max intensity lift, or picking something heavy off the ground, or getting (hopefully not) punched in the stomach for some reason, do you need 100% of that brace while you’re just standing or just sitting?

Hell, no…

You do need about 20% of it, though.  So, if you find that your back gets tight, your hips get tight, your shoulders are starting to find a rounded position (that’s neutral?), then you got some mobility work to do.

Bracing is just something you can do, in a seated position, that’ll help you maintain.  Now, sitting is bad, yes.  But sitting without being braced is worse…

…give it a try.  Brace to 20% in a standing position; sit down and maintain that tall spine, stacked pelvis and ribcage, chest up, and shoulders back.  Your hips and your back (among other body parts) will thank you!



For time:

30 Clean & Jerks (155/110)

*E2MOM = 10 air squats



Accumulate a total of 2 minutes in an L-Sit or Tuck Position


Ooooooh… The spiciness is fun…

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