The 5 Things Our Most Successful Clients Have In Common

The 5 Things Our Most Successful Clients Have In Common



There are a myriad of different reasons why someone might be successful vs someone who struggles.  With New Year’s Resolutions looming around the corner, we felt it was important to share a few of what our most successful clients do to set themselves up to succeed:

They Focus on the Process

Setting goals is great.  In fact, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t set goals.

This is not the whole story, however…

In discerning what is in your direct [and immediate] control compared to what is not, it’s important to denote the behaviors involved in the process vs the outcome.

Losing 50lbs in 3 months?  You can get there, absolutely, but will staring at 50lbs, everyday, written on your mirror get you there?

On the other hand, making sure you eat vegetables every single day?  This is in your IMMEDIATE control.

Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep most nights, if not every night?  This is in your control.

Our most successful clients have this figured out.  We help them facilitate this mindset shift.

They Fail Forward

It’s going to happen.


Planning on the road ahead being challenging and going into it with the mindset you will learn… well…

This is vital to your long term success.

Is it failing or is it learning?  The answer is, of course, yes.

Our most successful clients go into it with the mindset, “I’m going to fail and learn and I’m going to be better for it.”

They Are Disciplined

People always ask how to stay motivated.

Our most successful clients aren’t always motivated.  That would be unrealistic.  They are, however, very disciplined.

Is it cold outside?  Good.

Are you tired?  Good.

Would it be easier to stay home or drive home and NOT take action?  Good.

Go do attack it anyway.

They Ask For Help

It takes someone supremely confident to admit they need help.  Not everyone wants to do it.  Not everyone wants to ADMIT they need it.

Our most successful clients know this is the path to their best ROI (return on investment) for their time and effort.

Someone else has screwed it up before; they have learned what NOT to do before; they have already figured out the best path to get there.

Why wouldn’t you seek the guidance of someone else?  Especially someone who WANTS to help you.

They Get Involved

We are pack animals.

We succeed together and we fail alone.

Our most successful clients make sure to build relationships with their like-minded peers and use the “power of the pack” to elevate their own game.

Their “dance card” might be full this weekend BUT they know once these relationships are grown, they have people they can rely on when they need it most.

And everyone needs someone at some point.


What About You?

These tenants are what we’ve found our clients have in common.  It’s the adoption of these tenants which fosters real habit and behavior change to last a lifetime.

Your first step?

Ask for help and find a group of like-minded people to support you on your journey.  We know a great group!

2020 is NOT going to be the year of quick-fixes, trendy diets, and short-term change.

Not you.  Not this year.


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