What Happens When You Start Working Out?

Some of you might be aware of what happens when you start working out.  Others, not so much.  This is for the latter…

The following is a short list of the benefits you can expect, both physical and psychological, when you begin working out.

The Physical Side of Working Out

Bone Density

If you are someone who has been told, “you need to exercise because of the potential onset of osteoporosis as you get older.”  They are not wrong.  The stress [loading] from exercise will help you improve your bone density.


What’s wrong with being stronger?  I really can’t think of any reason why someone wouldn’t want to be stronger.  Can you?

I didn’t say bigger.  I said stronger.  And expect to get stronger when you start working out.

Injury Prevention

As you begin working out, your durability tends to improve.  This is especially true if you utilize a quality strength training program and move well.

Physical Health

Let’s take a look at this list:  improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting blood glucose, decreased likelihood of type II diabetes, less chance of heart disease or stroke, and so on.

If any of this stuff is on your mind, exercise is a great way to give yourself a better fighting chance!


This is both from the perspective of general energy level throughout the day but also energy when you’re doing something fun with your family or friends.  You don’t want to stop doing something just because you’re tired, right?


Looking to get better quality sleep?  Depending on the time of day you exercise [relative to your bedtime], you will see a discernible difference in the quality of your sleep.  Better sleep = better results both physically and mentally!

The Mental Side of Working Out

Your Mood

You can expect a general improvement in your mood.  Imagine starting at a better place each day.  Well, all those ‘feel good’ hormones are to blame for improvements in your general mood!

Stress & Anxiety

You will improve your ability to handle the stressors in your life.  And, with those feel good hormones flowing through your body, you will likely have a better handle on your anxiety too.


Have you ever gotten a task done, went back and wrote it on your to do list, then promptly checked it off immediately after writing it?  That’s because you get a dopamine hit when you check things off your list.

When you start accomplishing workouts, you develop momentum.  When you develop momentum, amazing things will happen!

A Quickstart Guide to Working Out

If you are brand new to exercise, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the K.I.S.S. principal:  keep it simple, stupid.

The K.I.S.S. principal works for me and it will work for you too.

What I mean is don’t go and research to find the ‘perfect’ workout routine and then get bummed if it becomes too challenging to continue.  Instead, get up and start moving!

Exercise and working out are not the same thing.  Working out suggests a routine and a start time.  Exercise suggests just doing something physically active which, at first, just might be enough.

  • First, be active most days of the week
    • Aim for 3 days and move up from there as you build momentum
  • Second, begin incorporating bodyweight movements of some type
  • Third, find an exercise buddy, a class, or a personal trainer to help you stay accountable and give you guidance

Beyond that, don’t make it complicated.  Ask someone who knows or just start doing!


When you first start working out you will likely feel lost, self-conscious, and out of place.  Know that as you begin your health and fitness journey you will build momentum, confidence, and knowledge as you work out.

So, get up and be active!

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