What’s In Your Gym Bag?

Before you head to Iron Hero CrossFit for your WoD, make sure you have your essentials covered. You may not need all of these items every day, but you’ll be glad to have them around.


The Essentials


Shoes: The brand is up to you, but having a functional cross training shoe is paramount as you move through the constantly varied functional movements CrossFit calls for. Consider NoBull, Nike, or Reebok for a functional shoe. Also, if you are so inclined, get yourself a pair Olympic lifting shoes. While this is not an excuse to not work on your mobility, these will help your range of motion as you work through squats, cleans and snatches (have you done your Functional Movement Screen?).

Lacrosse Ball (LAX Ball): This is a tool for those with sore muscles, those looking to improve flexibility, or those who are always ready for a pick-up lacrosse game. This small ball can be used to knead those sore and stiff muscles to increase blood flow, increase temperature, and shut off what doesn’t need to be hyperactive during performance. You can also tape a couple balls together to create a peanut that can be used as you massage those muscles around the spine.

Athletic Tape or Stretch Tape: We get it, you don’t like hook grip (you still have to do it), but if you pack this essential then the next time we do Olympic lifting you can focus less on sore thumbs and more on climbing aboard the gainz train.

Diaper Cream / Rip Repair Kit: Maybe it was a huge set of T2B or muscle up practice, but eventually we will all see skin rip off our palms. With the help of diaper cream and follow-up care with a rip repair kit you will be back on the bar, pain-free in no time.

Jump Rope: The path to double unders can be frustrating, having your own jump rope will ensure you are dialed in to the length and weight so you can focus on creating consistency with a single tool. This also allows you to work on DUs outside of the box. Grip and rip it.

Gymnastic Grips: These bad boys can protect your dainty palms as you hammer out rep after rep on the bar, these are an item you will never regret and can truly improve your performance day to day. While not a replacement for proper hand care, they add a layer of protection you’ll be happy you have.

Knee Sleeves: This is a tool that can aid with mild compression, performance enhancement, keeping your knees warm, and injury prevention when working with any movements of the knee. They should be used in conjunction with the FMS and other mobility work to maximize movement efficacy.

Long Socks: Unless you like scars from rope climb day make sure you pack your long socks, you will only need to wear them once to see the difference. The brighter the color the better the climb!

Floss Bands: You’re stiff, you’re sore, and now you have a solution. As you sit around and watch Game of Thrones or the CrossFit Games on repeat use floss bands to increase blood flow to those affected areas to expedite your recovery.

Wrist Wraps: These are a key tool to support the wrist as you move up to your higher percentages of your barbell lifts. Don’t forget your mobility and stability work!


The Nonessential – But Still Sweet.


Weight Belt: Never to be used as a crutch, a weight belt can help provide additional support along your trunk as you reach heavy weights (the goal of course is to lift ALL of the weights).

Anti Stink Equipment: travel size deodorant and shampoo, I am not sure why you need to be reminded. Seriously, get with it.

Charcoal Bags: These affordable pockets of stink sapping charcoal will help keep your gym bag from becoming…well a gym bag. (CLICK HERE). Short of that, maybe a car air freshener? Seriously, wash your equipment so your bag don’t stink.

Happy CrossFitting!

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