Your Brain is Sabotaging Your Goals

Your Brain is Sabotaging Your Goals



Tell me if you’re experiencing this at this very moment…

  • Waking up early and doing something for your goals is getting tough
  • It’s becoming easier to go sit on your couch after work than working out with your friends
  • There’s always “something” that seems to get in the way of training today
  • You find yourself saying, “I will do it tomorrow because I’ll have [such and such] a window of time available”

Have you found yourself wondering how people can continue to stay on point when it seems like you’re struggling where you’re currently at?  Maybe, just maybe, you are doing well but you want to set some new goals for yourself and CRUSH them?


Let’s Upset Someone

Your feelings are not special, here.  They’re not unique to your brain alone.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has these thoughts.  Everyone goes through motivational rough patches.  Everyone thinks to themselves, “nobody understands how hard it is for me to get up and get going.”

This is both potentially upsetting while very liberating at the very same time.


First, it means you need to tell yourself that it’s ok to “miss” every once in a while.  Second, it means you are in charge of YOU.


Why Do I Feel This Way?

There might be a few things going on…

  1. You might not feel like you’re making progress in spite of working hard
    • Be honest with yourself… do you actually measure, remeasure, or know what you should be measuring?
  1. You might have “shiny object” syndrome
    • As you do make progress, you start to say “ooo, let’s try that.”  “What about this one?  This looks fun?”
  1. Maybe you are close to achieving your goals but now they don’t seem to be the big motivator they once were
    • The thing which brought you into the gym in the first place is your pain point
    • It’s possible that pain point disappeared as you got closer to your goals

“What Do I Do About It?”



You need to have a conversation with the people you’re working with, reset some goals and boundaries, and get focused on what you want to do NOW.  While this could be what brought you in originally, it is likely something completely different.

Secondly, accountability.  This is one of those nasty words nobody wants to hear because it means we listened to what you said and now it’s our responsibility to remind you.  It’s also our responsibility to say and do the things required to get you up and going.

You’ll hate your trainer for that.  Later, though, you’ll thank your trainer.



Thomas Edison has a quote for you:  “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

Replace ‘genius’ with ‘achievement’ and you have the formula you need to crush your goals.

Stop thinking about it.

Stop waiting for the perfect time.

Stop letting excuses get in your way.

In other words, stop stopping.

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