Bootcamp, bootcamp, bootcamp – 151018

A little throwback to a little bit of work done on the boxes.  Getting something boxes out at bootcamp!


Thanks so much to Scott for teaching our IHCF Family a little about nutrition.  Hopefully, we will be able to make this a regular thing (a few times per year).  Building on what we learned today (a Nutrition Ninja Seminar pt 2, perhaps?).

As for what we learned:

Has anybody gone grocery shopping?

Has anybody taken the first steps in reducing inflammation in the body by removing unnecessary sugars or removing vegetable oils?

How about looking at your week in terms of the 90/10 rule?  It doesn’t necessarily need to start that drastically, 90/10 that is, but thinking of things in terms of consciously making some better choices:

  • Whole type foods rather than processed
  • Using saturated fats and more proteins rather than sugars
  • Perhaps finding some quality vitamins/minerals rather than the junk they sell in most places
  • Maybe employing one thing this week that you didn’t do last week

Keep things simple and do a little for a bit, then add something new, then continue on to something else.  Before you know it, you’ll be right where you wanna be (reducing sugar and inflammation).  Those bad guys!



:30 on / :30 off for 4 rounds

For reps:

Ring Rows

Box Stepups (24/20)

Pike Pushups

Wall Balls (20/14)



Bringing the wall balls back out.  Look for them to be out another day this week that isn’t a bootcamp day!

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