“Cindy” – 150823

’nuff said.


“Cindy” was my very first CrossFit workout.  It was my introduction into the feeling of needing to lie down so I didn’t pass out.

Thankfully I came back to it and did it again and didn’t want to pass out the second time…

…Now, this is one of our benchmark workouts so spots on our leaderboard are up for grabs.  If you don’t make it in for this WOD, make sure you setup a time, warm yourself up, and I’ll supervise you go through it so you can try for a spot on the board!

Here comes “Cindy!”







20min AMRAP:

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Air Squats


This is where you draw that line on the board to keep track of your rounds plus reps.  Today is the day, people.  Today is the day!

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