You want me to do what? – 150823

Sometimes you gotta do what you don’t wanna do.  General physical preparedness.  That’s what we’re doing in CrossFit.


Truth be told, even I don’t like running.  I do it so I suck less at it.

Matter of fact, I usually set a point to do it once or twice per week so I don’t suck as much at it.

Have you ever been running and you notice your lower back starts to ache, then hurt, then you need to stop running that it tightens up and hurts so much?

Take a look at your posture.  Tape yourself running and then check it out (or have someone else tape you for you.  Thank them by inviting them to run with you?).

I’d be willing to bet that your upper body is leaning forward, you have an excessive arch in the lower back, and your lower body is not parallel with your upper body.

Well, following the principles of starting with a braced position before you apply movement, brace your body (not 100% but certainly braced) and then go.  At least this way, you are shock absorbing in a better manner than before and the likelihood of the constant pounding on the spine is reduced.

Pose running will be another topic for another time.  Hazaaa!



1 mile run for time


Yup.  1 mile run.  I did it last month and I’ll probably do it again this month, just to compare.

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