Clean ladder. Add some weight – 150923

Nice lunges, Jen!


When I say the squat isn’t appropriate, what I mean is maybe the butt rolls under at the bottom, or the body is leaned over forward (immature squat), or maybe the knees drop in at the bottom of the squat, or any number of other things.

If this is the case, the lunge might be a good alternative (maybe).  The lunge, itself has its’ own host of other things that need to be in order for it to happen but if that’s in order and the squat is not, then guess what:  it’s a lunge kind of day!

Not to mention, single leg strength is something that is neglected a lot, anyhow (myself included).

Also, you want a strong and muscular butt?  Don’t forget about your weighted lunges!



Clean Ladder


The explanation will happen when you get here, don’t worry.

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