“The Crippler” – 151015

Congrats, Lisa, on a PR back squat!


This will officially be the first day we’ve done a mile run, here, at IHCF.  Get excited because there’s a little uphill, there’s a little downhill, and it’s all getting done today.


I encourage you guys to come to this one because skipping days that you feel you are not good at will keep you feeling that you’re not good at.

We improve by the margin of our own experience and if you hate running, today is the day to work on getting better at it so one day you learn to tolerate it better.

If you hate squatting?  Well, I’d say to get over that because squats aren’t going away anytime soon!


I will plan on seeing you guys here for “The Crippler!”



“The Crippler”

For time:

30 Back Squats (225/155)

1 Mile Run

*There is a rowing option if running is bothersome on your joints


You wanted a lower body day?  Welp.  Today is that lower body day!

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