EMOM for you, EMOM for me – 151014

A little throwback to the last box jumps we did.  These are always fun, right?


Is everyday going to be a good day?  Methinks not…

…sometimes you just notice that when you wake up, your heart rate seems a little bit higher (can you feel it?), you can’t seem to relax, you’re already tired and sore, or you just don’t feel coordinated?

Welp, here’s the news:

Exercise is a stressor.  Yep.  It causes stress on the body.

Now, why is that important?

You have all kinds of other stressors in a day:  work (someone’s being a jerk today…), kids (it happens), commuting (people cutting you off, those jerks), having a cheat day with food or just crappy eating in general (it happens), sitting next to someone who’s smoking (blech…), sitting too long (you read that right), and taking care of any and all of the other responsibilities in a day.

Well, add exercise on top of that…

…here’s the moral of the story:

Rest is a necessity.  It’s not a suggestion; not “meh, I’ll make it up on the weekend;” not “I don’t have time to sleep.”  It’s a necessity.  Make time.

If you don’t pretty soon you’ll start to notice the good ol’ love handles getting a little bigger, you’ll start noticing you’re shorter tempered with people, you’ll start noticing you’re eating more sugary/carby things, and worst of all, your blood markers will all start going in the wrong direction.

Bad deal.  It’s easier to maintain than it is to reverse, right?


…rest, sleep, nap, watch TV [occasionally], or spend time doing something you love that you can completely let go of the other stuff.

You’ll thank yourself later!



EMOM for 20min

Odd:  1 Snatch + 1 OHS

Even:  8 Box Jumps (24/20)


*Heavy weight but same weight all the way across all sets


Get ready for some fun today!

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