CrossFit WOD- 181129

Welcome back to Jessica after your maternity break. Already crushing the WODS!



21 Cal Row
15 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
9 C2B
30 Dubs


Optional Buy Out
“Midline Giant”


*11 mins is a moderate range, bordering on longer range, type of workout. This means we are venturing out of the glycolytic energy system (medium effort/medium recovery) and venturing into the oxidative (long duration/ short recovery).

*Why does this matter? Your body will experience EPOC for 8-10-12 hours post workout.

*In other words, your body will run at a higher level, you’ll be hungry, you’ll feel energized and more prone to lipolysis.

*You also get the opportunity to work on a higher level skill under duress.

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