Deadlift, Lunge, & Situp. Oh My – 151106

Poop face mascot?  Hmm… maybe we should come up with something different…


Pop quiz:

Why no poop face?


Anybody?  Bueller?


Poop face says you are in fight or flight mode.  And while we, as an American people, are really good at the fight or flight, thing (stress mode), we need to work on the recovery and regeneration mode.

Spending too much time in fight or flight causes all kinds of bad things:

  • Body fat in funny places
  • Problems with producing appropriate amounts of your sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen)
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Unhealthy blood markers
  • Sleep issues
  • Staying awake during the work day (or any part of the day) issues
  • Lack of progress in training
  • Lack of progress from proper nutrition
  • And more…


That’s not to say it is something we cannot fix.  We have to figure out: a) what the problem is and, b) what strategies we use to fix the problem.

If any of those issues have arisen, we need to take some strategies in finding out what the problem is.  Ask and we will do some digging…



As an aside:  we are getting a digital tool for testing body fat.  They were so back ordered upon ordering it (which I did a couple of weeks ago), that it will probably be 2-3 more weeks before we get it.  Apparently, it is within 1-2% accuracy of the Gold Standard of body fat testing…

…I will test it for validity and consistency when we get it before we use it with any of the IHCF Family!



15min to find 10RM




4 RFT of:

5 Deadlifts (155/105)

10 Jumping Lunges

15 Ab Mat Situps


Don’t forget about our Hero WOD tomorrow.  Be on the lookout for which one we’re doing…

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