Everything is Everything

Everything is Everything

Do you remember back in grade school when you used to get Gold Stars?  When you’d get high fives?  When you would be named the teacher’s assistant (thought I was going to say pet, didn’t you?)?  When you’d get to take the class ferret home because you were doing so well that week?

Hey!  I remember seeing drawings and affirmations show up on quizzes and assignments and it was awesome!

This is not to say I am advocate for participation awards but I do believe you and I crave recognition for the things we do well.

On the one hand, you are an adult and these silly little things really don’t matter, do they?

On the other hand, you are an adult and these silly little things really don’t show up anymore, do they?

BUT… and this is a big but… it feels good when those things DO show up!

  • When someone sends you a “thank you” card, it feels good to be recognized.
  • When someone sends you a “feel better” card, it feels like someone pays attention to us.
  • When someone includes you in a “holiday card” list and you finally receive it, it’s small but it’s mightily fun!
  • For us, it’s the post card.

We love to see our members do amazing things and we love [even more than that] making sure we recognize them for it!

One of our clients gets their first strict pullup, maybe they lift a weight they’ve never lifted before, they lost the 10lbs they were looking to lose, or maybe they got the jump rope figured out for the first time 4 months after starting.

This is an amazing opportunity to make someone’s day!

So here’s my challenge for you:

I challenge you to take every interaction throughout your day and change it up for the better somehow:

  • Ask a question outside of the norm
  • Smile when you say “hi”
  • Ask “how are you” and genuinely listen to the answer
  • Give a bear hug if it’s appropriate
  • Buy someone’s coffee without the expectation of anything in return

It might not be that Gold Star they’re missing out on but it might be the glimmer of light their day needs.

Changing someone’s life doesn’t need to be a giant thing!

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