Let’s Play – 151108

Captain Poop Face says let’s have some fun today!  Not everyday needs to be hard training…


Remember, IHCF Family:

This Saturday marks the start of the 7:30am time slot that we are doing our Functional Movement Screenings.  Each athlete needs to be at one of these per month.

Signing up for these works exactly the same way as signing for an event on the Iron Hero CrossFit Zen Planner page.

Why is this important, you ask?

Chronic aches, pains, injuries, problems, etc. can all occur because of doing something that [maybe] the body is not ready to do.  What the FMS allows us to do is to get a snapshot picture of where your fundamental movement patterns lie, currently, and what we have to do to improve them so:

  • Your likelihood of injury decreases
  • Your work capacity can increase (since you’ll not be driving with the brakes on as much, anymore)
  • Your strength/power can increase
  • Your metabolism will be positively affected
  • Chronic aches and pains may decrease or subside entirely

Remember, walking around in constant pain is not just something you have to be okay with.  It is something we can work on so your body improves as you continue to train and age.


See you all there!



Card Game


Don’t forget, IHCF Family, this Saturday starts our weekly time slot for our movement screens.  It is necessary (I don’t want to call it mandatory because I feel like that has a negative connotation) to come to one of these sessions per month.  See you there!

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