Moon walk, wall walk. Whatever – 150806

Lisa, Chong, Virginia, and Jen enjoying some wall walks.  Aaaaaand they’re back!


Want to improve your rope climbing endurance?  Feel like your arms give out before anything else does?

Take a snapshot of how you’re doing your rope climbs.  Perhaps, take an actual video of yourself doing rope climbs.

Do you bend your arms and PULL yourself up as you’re raising your legs to lock your feet back in?  Or do they stay straight until the feet are locked in?

If you said ‘yes’ to the first one, you may be doing more work than you need to.

What can you do to fix this?  Make it an absolute priority that you slow down your ascents so that you can focus on the leg raise, lock the feet, and PUSHing your body up rather than PULLing your  body up.

(yes, I realize I have lots of caps there following by the “ing” in lowercase.  I suppose it’s why I do what I do.  Probably good I don’t teach anything having to do with English, or words, or stuff…)

Anyhow, remember:

Arms straight

Knees raise

Lock feet

PUSH yourself up

Reach with the arms


Here’s to your rope climbing success!



10-15 minutes of Rope Climb work



11min AMRAP


2 Wall Walks


Air Squats*


*T2B and Air Squats start at 2, then 4, then 6, then 8

*Workout is this:  2 wall walks, 2 T2B, 2 air squats, 2 wall walks, 4 T2B, 4 air squats, 2 wall walks, 6 T2B, 6 air squats, etc. until the 11 minutes is up



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