Power-Full – 150805

Anybody feel this way when they left here on Saturday?  “Karen” is one mean girl…


For those of you who like power cleans…

…today is YOUR DAY!

I like them working on certain things: power in the triple (did I spell that right) extension; remembering that there is pull from the upper body in a regular clean; continuing the pull even when the bar has finished with the hips; moving and throwing around big weights without having to squat it (ok, maybe not this last one)…

I tend not to have people do a lot of power cleans for one main reason:

When you do too many power cleans, you can build a tendency of being an arm puller…

Now, once this habit is in place, it’s very, very, very, very, very (did I say very) challenging to break.  It’s possible, but it’s challenging.  Very challenging…

Moral of the story?  Don’t leave out power cleans all together (shoot, we’re doing them today).  Use them, but use them in conjunction with your regular/full/squat cleans.

Speaking of power cleans:



EMOM for 12min


2 Power Cleans

*Pick a heavy weight



For total time:


1000m Row

2min rest

1000m Row


*14min cutoff


Make sure to take care of those wall ball wounds.  😉

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