One Hour

Just One Hour

How often, in a day, do you get to shut off your brain and just do?

For me?  I think all day.  Maybe not on productive things but I am thinking nonetheless.

You’ve got things that pile up and all of it takes conscious decision-making power:

  • Making breakfast
  • Driving to work or dropping the kids off and then driving to work
  • Meetings, lunches, brainstorming sessions
  • Traffic on the way home and picking the kids up
  • What to make for dinner and making it
  • Getting your kids to bed
  • Doing laundry at some point in the evening
  • Getting ready to go to bed and planning to do it all over again, in the morning

There’s probably a million other things but you get the idea…

My guess is your decision-making muscle is all sorts of tired and used up by the time the end of the day arrives.

If you think back to when you were growing up and enjoying recess, you just did things and had fun.

You didn’t have to think about it, or plan the hour, you just went and you just did.

What if I said there is a time and a place where you don’t have to think about anything and you can just do…

  • Maybe, just maybe, there is something you can do on a daily basis where you can focus on yourself and not use your brain power for even just one hour.
  • Maybe you can improve your weight and body fat too.
  • Your self-confidence.  For sure.
  • Maybe your blood pressure or cholesterol.
  • Maybe even improve your risk of heart disease.

Although it would be fun to stop in the middle of you work day and just have a recess, it’s not likely to happen.

Long lunch, perhaps?

What is likely is you can get up, get active, give someone else the responsibility of running the hour for you.

Be it CrossFit, or otherwise, get up and go take care of yourself and shut off my thinking muscles (even for just an hour).

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