Ow, my legs! – 151028

It’s a squat type of day!


It’s been a great few days to be a part of the IHCF community!  Thanks to everybody who’s been a part of the whole thing.

Get ready for November and December:  we’ve got some fun stuff going on and some good workouts, as well!

If you’ve done CrossFit before…

If you’re wanting a tough workout…

If whether you’re a part of the IHCF community or not…

…let’s get a Hero WOD done on November 7th.  It is important to say that this day is not for someone who has never done CrossFit before.


Lookin’ forward to November and December to finish off the year with some good stuff happening!



3 RFT of:

500m Row

100 Air Squats


Like I said, lungs and legs.  Oh my!

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