Power to the shoulders – 150821

Saying goodnight to this place until next week!  Everyday is a good dream!



…what should we talk about on here?

I’m thinking shoulder stability and integrating it back with the rest of the body.  What does everybody else do for shoulders?  Banded internal and external rotation?

Sure.  Nothing wrong with that and it definitely has its’ value!

How about loaded carries (farmer’s/suitcase carries)?  Grabbin’ heavy heavy heavy weights and walking with them?

Did you know the act of squeezing your fists turns on your shoulder stabilizers?

Did you also know that your butt needs your lats and all of those work in conjunction with your abs?


…grab some heavy dumbbells or kettlebells, stand tall and braced, squeeze your fists, and go for a walk!  All in the name of your shoulders!



E3MOM for 5 rounds

1 Strict Press

3 Push Press

5 Push/Power Jerk



6 x 250m row or 200m run

*1min rest between rounds

*this means GO FAST


Strength and power, people.  Strength and power.  Oh… and here’s to the shoulders!

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