Pull like crazy – 150826

Brittany rockin’ some box jumps!  That’s 20 inches, by the way.  You wanna do that?  Let us know, we can help.


You know what?

What’s the use of being fit if you can’t enjoy it?

Get outside.  Go do something.  Participate in something active that’s fun:

Play golf, soccer, flag football, something that’s active/outside and fun!  It could even be an outside workout.  That’s always fun too!

Oh!  And you’ll get yourself some Vitamin D as well.  There’s nothing wrong with that since people’s ability to stay healthy is partly due to their Vitamin D levels in their bodies.



3 RFT:

10 Push Press (115/80)

10 Deadlifts (115/80)

10 Box Jumps/Stepups (24/20)



5 Sets of ME Pullups

*No set rest time

*Score is total number of pullups


Get good at pull-ups, a lot of other stuff gets better!

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