There’s that TNG thing again – 150827

How about that for a #TBT?  Short hair.  Doin’ DU’s and looking like I’m getting ready to DU right off a cliff or something…


Got an early arm bend in the clean/snatch?  You’re losing power.

Bending the knees and separating the feet in the kipping/butterfly pull-ups?  You’re losing power.

Losing the brace position in pushups or HSPU’s?  You’re losing more than just power.

It should be no coincidence that without mobility/stability and creating proper motor programs (mechanics first, consistency second, and then adding intensity) that you are not using your body to its’ full potential AND  quite possibly setting yourself up for setbacks.

Move well.  Move often.  Think FMS, my friends.



3 TNG Cleans*

20 DU’s (40 SU’s)

*E2MOM for 7 rounds

*Cleans are heavy



7min AMRAP:

5 Cleans* (135/95)

5 Burpees

*Cleans must be caught in a squat


We did something very similar to the first part a while ago but with snatches.  Check and see:  is your pulling getting better?

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