Retest #2 – 150929

Now is your chance to see how far you’ve come in the last 3 months!  Let’s test some fitness


By the way, IHCF Family, if you have received an email from me to retest your Baseline workout and to reassess your goals.  Let’s do that.  I know that very few people have set up any time to do this and we need to get reassessed.


So we know if we’re on the right track for you.  If we are, great!  We’ll keep going the way we’re going and not worry about changing anything.  Retest, right?

If not, we have to figure out what the limiting factor is for you and fix it so you can progress.

This is a part of your membership and is separate from classes.  So, schedule a time to come in, warm yourself up, and we’ll run through the Baseline WOD.

Let’s do this!



5×10 Pendlay Rows

*2min clock




For Time:

800m Run

40 Front Squats (115/80)


Remember:  we need to retest the Baseline WOD and reassess your goals!



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