Why is CrossFit More Expensive than a Gym Membership?

Why is CrossFit More Expensive Than a Gym Membership?

Let’s take a look at this from a practical and logical perspective…

Who should NOT do CrossFit?

  • Someone who prefers to stick their headphones in and get their own workout done.
    • “Don’t talk to me.  I’m not here to talk.”
  • Someone who can perform at their best, every single time, without outside support, by anyone.  Ever.
  • Someone who does NOT enjoy meeting like-minded people and spending fun times together to make their training more interesting.
  • Someone who is interested in doing the same thing every single time.
  • Or, someone who prefers to “rent equipment” in a gym without any guidance on appropriately training for what they want.


Let me be clear:  I’ve been this person before…

I’ve gotten my workouts in on my own, I’ve put headphones in, and I thought I could do everything better without any guidance (or I wanted to avoid the [supposed] embarrassment of admitting I didn’t know everything).

This is not to say you should feel bad if you are any of these people:  what it should do is let you in on the fact there is more to training than just staying with what you’re currently able to do (and who you’re spending time with).

Why does CrossFit cost what CrossFit costs, then?

If you’re reading this post, let’s assume you are someone who cares about their health, their fitness, how they’re able to function on the daily, and their energy levels throughout the entire day.

Let’s also assume you are someone who pays attention to what things cost and how that fits into your budget.


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Stop for a second.

Breaking things down like this can help to put your spending in perspective.  Ask yourself this:

  • Is my ability to take care of myself, and my loved ones, less valuable than a dress or hoodie and shorts?
  • Is my energy level, throughout the day, less valuable than one meal out on the town?
  • Is my health and fitness less valuable than a few drinks after work?
  • Is my body looking the way I want less valuable than that Chipotle burrito (or Qdoba.  You know, whatever.)?

If what you’ve been doing so far has been working for you then maybe you don’t want to worry about something new.  If what you’ve been doing so far has NOT been working for you, it might be time to invest in yourself.


We haven’t answered why CrossFit costs what it costs yet, have we?

Why is your local CrossFit gym confident enough in what they offer that they can charge what they charge?


Who doesn’t want to be confident, strong, fit, healthy, and more able to handle stressors?

Seriously.  Would you actually enjoy the opposite of all these things?


There is an element of novelty to CrossFit as we are doing things people don’t typically do on a regular basis.  This is motivating in and of itself.


Motivation does not necessarily = success.  Success does = motivation.

Anytime you’ve had some success in your life you were probably excited to gain more of it.  Well?  Between the people, the workouts, the novelty, and the success…

Let’s make this a lifestyle!


I’d be lying if I said the accountability portion came from your coaches/trainers on their own.  They, most likely, come from your peers.  Not much is stronger than a group of people with the same types of goals working on the same basic direction.

Think sports teams and the military.


Whether you’re CrossFit or one on one training, there’s always a support system when you’re down.


You might be that support system when someone else is down!


If I were to ask you to program your training year. where would you start?

Remember, this is what we do for a living, this is what we’ve studied, this is what we’ve applied to our own training.  And just like sports there’s cycles and seasons depending on where we are in your training and where you need to go next.

Ask yourself:  are you getting the most out of your training?


Of course this is your commitment to your training but even more than that, it is your trainer’s commitment to you.

We like to work on the whole person and understand our success is built upon your success.  When was the last time you felt like a gym had your best interest at heart?


A lot of gyms are built upon the model of “renting equipment” and “lack of attendance.”  We’ve built ours around “show up and improve yourself.”

Would we love to see you succeed in achieving your goals?  Of course!

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