Will Lifting Weights Make Me Bulky?

When brainstorming how to make this concise, with accurate information, which could not be misinterpreted, I realized it’s not possible.  So… with this in mind, understand that even with doing the ‘right’ thing for gaining muscle, you are not likely to get ‘hyuuuuggggeee.’

“Will lifting weights make me bulky?”

As someone who has trained others for going on 25 years, this is a common barrier for starting training for beginner trainees.  The worry is that by lifting weights, they will get muscular.

The good news for you TLDR people… this is a myth on several accounts.  Care to find out why you will most likely NOT become bulky from lifting weights?  Read below.


How about that darn elephant in the room?  If you’re a woman worried about getting bulky… do not worry.  It is likely that your male counterparts will have about 20 times more testosterone than you do and if they [men who WANT to get bulky] have a hard time getting bulky, it is not likely you will no matter how much lifting you do.

This just might be where the term ‘hard gainer’ comes from.

So, What is the Formula?

What is the typical formula to getting ‘huge?’

  • Perform total body [compound] movements frequently
  • Move through training phases with appropriate frequency as you progress
  • Eat at a calorie surplus consistently — seriously, you have to eat more than you think
  • Eat a lot of protein — 20g of protein per meal would probably not be enough
  • Sleep.  Like, a lot of sleep
  • Creatine?  Maybe…

The point is this — even if you do these things, you would be hard pressed to become bulky regardless if you are male or female.  It takes time and consistency when it comes to creating and keeping these ‘gains.’

The Good News

It seems like there is a paradigm shift happening with regard to how people should train and with what is “acceptable.”  I could not be more excited about this shift because I do not care who you are — you need to be strong.  You need to have muscle.  You need to be able to take care of yourself when it comes down to it.

What is the “ideal” body size for you?

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