WOD the 13th – 151113

Oompa Loompa pushups!


What is one thing that you are working on?  One thing that you want to accomplish before the end of the year?

Here’s mine:  my goal is to hit a 210# Snatch and 250# C+J.

So, the reason I bring that up is because I think it’s important to have things that you are working towards.

With that in mind…

…pick one thing you want to work on.  I know all of our IHCF Athlete’s have goals we talked about from the get go but this is something different.

Pick a skill, or a strength mark, or a movement that you struggle with because of a restriction that you want to be able to do/have by the end of 2015.


What you do from there is entirely up to you:

  • You can keep it to yourself and be your own accountability
  • or
  • You can post it on the IHCF Page with the hashtag #Goals
  • or
  • You can post it on your own page with the hashtag #Goals and tag Iron Hero CrossFit so we can share in these goals together


Now, given CrossFit is a community driven thing, and we are part of that community, it would make sense that sharing this with people is going to help you succeed, yes?


So there, that’s my goal.  What’s yours?



EMOM for 10min

1 Heavy Pullup



4RFT of:

250m Row

25 Pushups

50 DU’s


Start this weekend with a good WOD and get ready for our second Stink ‘n Drink next week!

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