CrossFit Changed My Life (pt 1)…

8am Saturday working on their pulling power.  No crappy posture here, thank you very much!   Here’s an important thing to consider: How has CrossFit changed lives?  Specifically?  Generally? We are going to pull from our bank of experiences working… Read more »

New stuff!

As promised…   We’ve started adding some additional resources for you to the webpage: The beginnings of a nutrition section A dictionary of CrossFit terms if you find that you look at a workout and think “uhh… what…” A Member Login… Read more »

Back on Schedule

Bootcamp is back on as scheduled!   Starting this Sunday at noon at Meadow Lane Park.  We might be able to UPGRADE locations, soon!  Keep on the look out.   See you on Sunday!

My bad!

Sorry guys and gals!   I posted about our bootcamp this Sunday without thinking.  It is Father’s Day!   We will resume a week from this Sunday at Meadow Lane Park at noon.  In the meantime, Happy Father’s Day to… Read more »

Coming soon…

I have been racking my brain for something I can give you guys…   …this is what came leaking out of my brain:  I am going to provide with you with something you can do at home, weekly.  Now, this something… Read more »

Be The Hero…

Be The Hero… by Joe Rogan   Well, it boils down to putting it on paper.  Tell someone, or tell no one but whatever you do, write it down and go for it.   By the way, see you guys… Read more »