Deadlifts…the king and queen of lifts and also booty gainz! Strength 6x(1min on/1min off) 5 Deadlift (75-80%) ME Pushup *2 scores = weight on DL & total number of reps in pushups Optional BuyOut “ScapJacked v3”


Deadlifts=booty gainz! Which will make your Friday better! Strength/MetCon 5 RFT 5 DL (225/155) 10 Burpees DL = 30sec B = 1min Then, Tabata x 4ea Hardstyle Plank L Side Plank R Side Plank *Retest from 9/4/18 Optional BuyOut “The… Read more »


Throwing some fun in after each round! By fun we mean wall balls!   MetCon 10 to 1 For Time BoxJ (24/20) C2B *10 WBs after each round BoxJ = 4min, C2B = 4min, WB = 7min Optional BuyOut “Midline… Read more »


“Murph” is coming!  Get your run on! Cardio 400m Run (TT) Rest 5min 1mi Run (TT) *Discuss plans coming down the line (20%-21% decrease in mile pace from 400m to mile) *Focus is sprint or duration Optional BuyOut “Gripped”


A little bit of everything! Strength/MetCon “7 Deadly Sins” For Time 10 C2B 20 T2B 30 DL (185/135) 100 DU 30 BoxJ (24/20) 20 Burpee 10 Cl (185/135) Time = :30, 1:30, 2min, 1:30, 2min, 1:30, 2min Optional BuyOut “Body… Read more »