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Testing Group 3 Rings (15min) + Squat Endurance (15min) *Partner up to help count and judge —Already Tested? Use W2D2 Retest Slide

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Booty Gainz and Suns out guns out! Testing Group 2 Lower Body Pull (15min) + Upper Body Push (15min) *Paired up to help count and judge —Already Tested? Use W1D3 Retest Slide

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Wallballs, After Each Round 🙂 MetCon 10 to 1 For Time BoxJ (24/20) C2B *10 WBs after each round BoxJ = 4min, C2B = 4min, WB = 7min *Retest from 5/3/19 Optional BuyOut “Midline Fun”

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Intervals=speed and stamina! Suns out guns out today!   Cardio 90sec on/90sec off x 5 15/11 AAB ME Box Ring Row *Score = total # of ring rows Optional BuyOut “ScapJacked v2”

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Front squats then front squats! Strength 5-4-3-2 FSQ *Ascend in weight as appropriate Then AMRAP 15 10 FSQ (115/80) 8 Burpee Pullup Optional BuyOut “Gun Show”

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Cardio  AMRAP 20* 10-20-30… T2B Alt DB Sn (50/35) SA DB OHS (50/35)** *Share workload how you wish **Scale to SA DB FSQ Optional BuyOut “ScapJacked v3”

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Burning the legs and the lungs!   Strength LM 4×8 Heavy Strict Pullup Then 15-12-9 FSQ (135/95) C2B FSQ = 1:30, 1min, :30; C2B = 1min, :45, :30 Optional BuyOut “Gymnasty v2”

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MetCon LM 4-6 Sets (10min Clock) 5 Strict Press* Or SHSPU** *Ascend in weight **Increase deficit as needed Then 5 RFT 10 HSPU 50 DU HSPU = 1min, DU = :30 *Pick a scale of HSPU to get them all done Optional BuyOut “Ab Assault”

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Building tolerance to muscle fatigue!  That’s A GOOD thing! MetCon LM 9 RFT 3 HSPU 6 T2B 12 BoxJ (24/20) HSPU = 15sec, T2B = 15sec, BoxJ = 1min *Pick progressions you can keep moving through Optional BuyOut “Show & Go”

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There is something about Mary!   MetCon “Mary” AMRAP 20 5 HSPU 10 Alt Pistols 15 Pullups *Modifications = challenge new skills Optional BuyOut “Midline Bike”

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