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The Secret to Improving Your Overall Level

The Secret to Improving Your Overall Level     Each time we finish up our Levels testing, our Athlete Check Ins, and our InBody tests, we find vitally important information in tracking progress and keeping you heading in a good direction.  More specifically, you can head in the direction you

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Programming for the Week

🚨Programming for Oct 7th to Oct 12th🚨   💥Monday💥 ⚡️“Shock Absorber” For time 30 Squat Clean 95/65 30 Burpee Over Bar 60 Box Jumps 30 Burpee Over Bar 30 Squat Clean 95/65   💥Tuesday💥 ⚡️Strict Press 12 Minutes Build to a Heavy 1 In at least 4 attempts   ⚡️“Cell

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Retest API Same Format OR SAME exact setup except: Pushups RSw (20/12) or (16/8) Burpee DUs Ab Mat Situps *Partner up to count and judge    

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I’m Overweight. Can I Do CrossFit?

I’m Overweight.  Can I Do CrossFit? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had someone come in and say something to this effect, “I need to get in shape before I do CrossFit.” And I totally understand why… If we take a look at what might be considered stereotypical

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Testing Lactic Tolerance Lactic Tolerance (15min) *Pair up for judging —Already Tested? Use 2nd part of W1D1 Retest Slide — Have people do FSQ & UB Pull if they haven’t

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Testing Group 4 Flexibility (10min) + Neuro & Core (15min) + Kettlebell (15min) *Pair up to help count and judge —Already Tested? Use W1D4 part 1 for Flex. And W1D5 part 1 for Neuro/Core

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known as the Battle of Roberts Ridge, after the first casualty of the battle, Navy SEAL Neil C. Roberts. Strength/MetCon With a Partner, “Roberts Ridge” 10 C&J (185/115) 20 AmSw (32/24) 30 Th (95/65) 40 C2B 50 Burpee Over Bar 60 WB (20/14) 70/50 Cal Row *30min cap

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Testing Group 3 Rings (15min) + Squat Endurance (15min) *Partner up to help count and judge —Already Tested? Use W2D2 Retest Slide

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Can we all just love how adorable Gracie is!   Testing API Aerobic Power Intervals (42min) *Partner up to help count and judge —Already Tested? Use W2D1 Retest Slide

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Booty Gainz and Suns out guns out! Testing Group 2 Lower Body Pull (15min) + Upper Body Push (15min) *Paired up to help count and judge —Already Tested? Use W1D3 Retest Slide

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