MetCon LM 4-6 Sets (10min Clock) 5 Strict Press* Or SHSPU** *Ascend in weight **Increase deficit as needed Then 5 RFT 10 HSPU 50 DU HSPU = 1min, DU = :30 *Pick a scale of HSPU to get them all… Read more »


Hanging is good for your shoulders!   Strength/MetCon For Time ME Strict Pullup ME Ring Dip *150 total reps *Every time you stop both movements, perform 50 DU/75 SU 12min clock Optional BuyOut “Body Armor v4”


All the lifting and then all the tabata! It is gonna be the BEST DAY EVER! Strength E2MOM x 6 3 Front Squats *Ascending in weight up to heavy 3 *30 DUs after each set of FSQ Tabata Bottom 2… Read more »


Strength/MetCon On a 9min Clock 21-15-9 HangSqCl (95/65) PPress (95/65) Then, AMRAP in Remaining Time 10 Pushups 5ea Deadbugs HSqCl = 1:30, 1min, :30; PP = 1min, :45, :30 *When scoring, total reps include part A and part B Optional… Read more »