Programming for Week of Nov 18th

🚨Programming for Week of Nov 18th to 23rd🚨   ⚡️Reminder: BROWN levels ONLY shown   ⚡️Thanksgiving is next week and we are doing some fun things the morning of! Don’t forget and make sure you’re there!   💥Monday💥 👀Pullups Build… Read more »

More is Not Better. Better is Better.

More is Not Better.  Better is Better In an effort to glean the most out of what you’re doing with your training you might think, “let’s do a 2 a day or a 3 a day.”  Especially considering the fact… Read more »

Programming for Week (Nov 11 – 16)

🚨Programming for Week of Nov 11th – 16th🚨   👽 Jessica has some special stuff planned for our IHCF family coming up over the next 1.5 months! Keep an eye out for FB Events, in-house signup sheets, and emails!  … Read more »

3 Common Nutrition Mistakes

3 Common Nutrition Mistakes Let me start this off by saying I am neither a Registered Dietitian nor am I a certified nutritionist. As an aside, we have a nutritionist on staff who is continuing to up her level of… Read more »

Can I Get 6-Pack Abs from Running?

Can I Get 6-Pack Abs from Running? Short answer? It definitely couldn’t hurt!  But let’s dive into the details so you don’t put together a bunch of “junk miles,” so to speak. How Often Should I Run? It depends, really…. Read more »

Programming for the Week

🚨Programming for Oct 28th to Nov 2nd🚨   *ONLY BROWN LEVELS SHOWN*   💥Monday💥 🦄Front Squat 8, 5, 3, 1 Building   🦄“Cloud 8” For Total Reps 20 sec of Goblet Squats Rest 10 sec 20 sec of Plank (add… Read more »

What is the Hardest Part of Getting Fit?

What is the Single Hardest Part of Getting Fit? This may or may not be a surprise to you:  the single hardest part of getting fit is NOT the working out part. What?! In my opinion, THE hardest part of… Read more »

Programming for the Week (10/21 to 10/26)

🚨Programming for Oct 21st to Oct 26th🚨   🦄We are well into the CFG Open, here. For those of you registered and competing with it, continue to have fun with it! This is a time for growth and fun!  … Read more »

What Would Happen If I Did Pullups Everyday?

What Would Happen if I Did Pullups Everyday? Let’s break this down into a few different categories: Postural Considerations Strength & Muscle Considerations Health Considerations — #1 – Postural Considerations — As a westernized society we are really good at… Read more »