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Burpee’s with Friends! MetCon 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 Burpee Pullup *200m run before each round *22min Cap

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known as the Battle of Roberts Ridge, after the first casualty of the battle, Navy SEAL Neil C. Roberts. Strength/MetCon With a Partner, “Roberts Ridge” 10 C&J (185/115) 20 AmSw (32/24) 30 Th (95/65) 40 C2B 50 Burpee Over Bar 60 WB (20/14) 70/50 Cal Row *30min cap

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Our super secret announcement is on Facebook! make sure you check out the video! Strength “Lynne” 5 RFR Bench Press (BW) Strict Pullup *Move from bench to pullup with no rest, and then rest Optional BuyOut “Row ‘Em & Rack ‘Em”

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Chipper Time! MetCon/Cardio For Time 20 C2B 500m Row 30 Pushup 500m Row 40 Situp 500m Row 50 ASQ 500m Row *Row = 2:30 *C2B = 1min, Pushup = 2min, SU = 2min, ASQ = 2min Optional BuyOut “Boulder Shoulders”

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Because GAINZ! Strength AMRAP 12 ME Strict Pullup ME Strict RDip 35 DUs *1min rest after DUs *Score = total reps b/n pullup and dip Optional BuyOut “Midline Giant”

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Strength/MetCon 6-8 Sets (12min Clock) 1 PCl + HPCl *Work up in weight until you find something heavy Then AMRAP 16 3 “Cindy” Rounds 5 PCl (135/95) Optional BuyOut “Evil Bear”

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Benchmark Day!!! YAY!   MetCon/Cardio “Erin” 5 RFT 15 DB SplitCl (40/30) 21 Pullups *Cl = 1:30, PU = 1:30 Optional BuyOut “Single Leg”

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Burning the legs and the lungs!   Strength LM 4×8 Heavy Strict Pullup Then 15-12-9 FSQ (135/95) C2B FSQ = 1:30, 1min, :30; C2B = 1min, :45, :30 Optional BuyOut “Gymnasty v2”

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Cardio LM AMRAP 15 1000m Row** Rest until 5min then, Push Press (95/65)* Pullup* 15 ASQ *5ea, 10ea, 15ea, etc. *Score = rounds + reps of second part **Scale distance to get done around 4min mark Optional BuyOut “Recovery Bike”

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There is something about Mary!   MetCon “Mary” AMRAP 20 5 HSPU 10 Alt Pistols 15 Pullups *Modifications = challenge new skills Optional BuyOut “Midline Bike”

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